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    Overseas company formation can be done in many countries around the world which are also called offshore jurisdictions or tax havens. Overseas companies are also called offshore companies or tax exempt companies. Overseas company formation can be completed very quickly and effective in the offshore tax havens. The formation of an overseas company can take one (1) day in some jurisdictions whilst in others the process may take longer sometimes up to two (2) weeks. Offshore company registration can be done in the following offshore jurisdictions; Anguilla, Dominica, St Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Panama, Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, British Virgin Islands, Bahamas and many other tax havens.

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    One of the most important steps to offshore company formation is choosing the right offshore jurisdiction for incorporation. The best offshore jurisdictions for overseas company formation are those which offer tax exemptions and asset protection as well as confidentiality and privacy for the offshore company and the shareholders. For overseas company formation there is no need for the shareholders to visit the offshore jurisdictions as there are agents who incorporate offshore companies on behalf of clients. In many offshore tax havens it is mandatory for persons incorporating an offshore to employ a registered agent to complete overseas company formation.

    Overseas company formations follow the same basic process which is used for incorporating ordinary companies. A Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must be prepared and filed with the Registrar of Companies in the offshore jurisdiction of choice. The Registrar of Companies or the authorities with the responsibility of incorporating offshore companies will review the information filed and submit a Certificate of Incorporation to the offshore company. There are a few simple rules to follow for overseas company formation. The information which is filed with the registering authority is as follows:

    ■ A proposed name for the overseas company
    ■ The name and address of the registered agent
    ■ The registered address of the company ( the address of the registered agent can be used)
    ■ The purpose for forming the company
    ■ A list of the business activities or operations which will be carried out b y the company
    ■ The authorized share capital and the currency in which this will be issued
    ■ The number of shares to be issued
    ■ The value of shares issued
    ■ The types of shares to be issued
    ■ If more than one type of share is issued the rights, limitations, voting rights and privileges of each class of share
    ■ The names, addresses and nationalities of the company shareholders
    ■ The names, nationalities and addresses of the directors
    ■ The by-laws of the company

    Once the Certificate of Incorporation is granted the overseas company is a legal entity and can begin offering its services. Many offshore jurisdictions do not allow overseas companies incorporated in the jurisdiction to do business with its residents or within the jurisdiction. The overseas company must pay an incorporation fee which is very affordable. The formation of an overseas company has great advantages for its owners.