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    Overseas companies are also known as offshore companies and can be incorporated in countries known as offshore tax havens or offshore jurisdictions. Overseas companies can be offshore companies or regular companies depending on the jurisdiction where they are registered and most importantly the type of company which is registered. In the tax havens both onshore and offshore overseas companies can be incorporated. The difference between the two is that offshore companies receive tax exemptions and cannot do business in most offshore jurisdictions whilst onshore companies pay taxes and are allowed to carry out business with residents of offshore jurisdictions.

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    Overseas companies can be used for many purposes the most common being as trading companies and holding companies. Overseas companies can be formed by any persons who wished to set up a company. These offshore overseas companies can hold any type of assets; capital, art, vehicles, real estate properties, stocks and bonds. Once these assets haven been transferred to the overseas company they become property of that company. An overseas company can carry out business transactions which an ordinary business company carries out but this company must hold the necessary license to perform such business activities.

    Overseas business companies’ advantages are many. Overseas companies if carefully registered in an offshore jurisdiction will benefit from tax exemptions. The tax havens offers tax exemptions on income gained outside of the jurisdiction and whilst some of the offshore jurisdictions offer zero taxations some have tax regimes in place for overseas companies which are very low. In the tax havens where taxes are paid on the profits of overseas companies the tax rate are normally very low. In the offshore jurisdiction of Barbados for example the taxes paid by overseas companies can be reduced to the low rate of 1%. The offshore companies will pay a fee for incorporation and also a fee for annual license renewal which will keep the overseas company in Good Standing.

    Overseas Companies in the offshore tax havens do not necessarily need to prepare annual financial reports to be filed in the offshore tax haven of incorporation. Most tax havens do not require such reports as the offshore companies are not allowed to business in the offshore jurisdiction of registration though there are few exceptions. Panama offshore tax haven allows Panama companies to do local business and therefore Panama overseas companies who do business in Panama has to submit financial audits for the local part of its business operations.

    Overseas business companies are increasingly becoming the choice company for many persons as they provide exceptional asset protection. Once assets are placed in n overseas company they become the property of this company and they are protected by asset protections laws in the overseas jurisdiction. All assets owned by overseas companies are protected by local legislation in the offshore tax havens and foreign courts, creditors and other persons have no jurisdictions in these offshore tax havens making claims against the property of offshore companies void.

    Overseas companies or offshore companies are easy to incorporate and are some of the best business companies. overseas companies can be incorporated in Dominica, Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, Belize, Bahamas, Anguilla, Panama and many other jursidctions.