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    An International Business Company is an offshore company is sometime referred to as an overseas company. International Business Companies are incorporated in offshore jurisdictions or offshore tax havens. Once incorporated an international business company becomes a legal business entity in a tax haven which therefore gives the company the right to conduct its business anywhere in the world as long as regulations are followed. International business companies can be used for many purposes including trade or be used as holding companies.

    Going ahead and seeking a second citizenship is a smart choice. Our company offers professional second citizenship services for persons looking for dual nationality. Having a second passport has many advantages and can create wonderful opportunities for retirement planning as well as organizing estate and succession. St. Kitts citizenship program makes having a second passport possible and affords the chance of owning a vacation home. There is no residency requirement and service providers are licensed. Professional processing and advice help make due diligence procedures manageable as well as the submission of documents required. Dominica second passport system has been in existence for many years and promotes investments on the island, which is ideal for ecotourism due to its forests and lush greenery. The financial services commission is responsible for supervising and regulating dual nationality programs in order to maintain the integrity of the service and a continued safe way for getting a second nationality.

    Offshore companies can own any type of asset (capital, real estate properties, art etc) which will belong to the offshore company. International business companies are being registered with more frequency as more and more people become aware of the advantages of such offshore companies. International business company advantages include tax exemptions, asset protection and privacy. Tax exemptions are offered by offshore jurisdiction to all offshore companies registered in the jurisdiction. This means that the offshore company will pay no local taxes on foreign earned incomes. It is important to choose offshore jurisdictions carefully as there are jurisdictions which tax the profits of offshore international business companies. International Business companies must however pay a registration fee and annual license renewal fees.

    In terms of asset protection the international business company will provide protection from creditors and the rulings of foreign courts. Legislation in the offshore jurisdictions makes it very difficult for outside parties to make claims against the assets of international business companies. The rulings of foreign courts have no jurisdiction in offshore tax havens which therefore makes it hard for persons to go after the assets of offshore companies.

    International business companies provide lots of privacy for company owners and the offshore company itself. When registering offshore companies the names of the shareholders and directors are not filed as public information. In some offshore tax havens where legislation states that the names of such persons must be made public the use of nominee shareholders and nominee directors makes it possible for the names of the true company owners to remain private. Further privacy is provided by offshore legislation which prevents persons and corporations from giving out information about offshore companies. The law makes it possible for people who give out information to be punishable by prison terms and monetary fines. The financial status of offshore remains private as company laws do not obligate offshore companies to file annual financial audits to the local tax authorities.

    International Business companies can carry out business operations in any jurisdiction providing that the company complies with regulations. International business company formation can be completed in little time and is very affordable. International Business Company registration can take place in the following offshore jurisdictions; Dominica, Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, Anguilla, St Kitts and Nevis, Belize, Panama and many others. There are many offshore services providers who incorporate international business companies on behalf of clients in the offshore jurisdictions.